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Rod M.

After careful thought and consideration, my family and I decided to have a camera system installed in our home to give us more peace of mind.  We have a large family and it’s a handful for sure, but with our new camera system, we have been able to monitor the little one’s no matter where they go.  The first step is always the hardest, but once I weighed all the benefits, I called Dan at Foster’s Camera Solutions.  I know Dan personally and I would trust nobody but Dan to do this type of job, because of what he stands for.  With one call Dan came over and we talked, there was no pressure and the decision was easy.  Within two weeks the system was ordered and installed with little interruption in our home.  The best part of this system is the monitoring. I’ve been asked by so many people what the monthly charges are and some don’t believe me when I say $0.  I can view my home at any time with one click.  I can also look at any camera’s recorded history with the same effort.  Was it worth it? Yes, without a doubt.  Thank you Foster’s Camera Solutions for a great system at an affordable price!




J.T. Soldatt

Thanks Foster Camera Solutions! 8 camera install over the weekend. Very professional and knowledgable crew. System works flawlessly and I can access anywhere in the world on my phone or tablet.









Jerrod S. Smelker

I hired Dan from Foster Camera Solutions to install 6 cameras in and around my house, including my basement, driveway/garage, porch and front door. He was completely professional and polite, and did a great job at installing the cameras and teaching me how to use the system. The cables are completely hidden outside and the cameras are small enough to blend in, but visible to be a great deterrent. I'm able to see my house from my smartphone, laptop and television. It's amazing!!...and SO easy!! I highly recommend Foster Camera Solution to anyone who cares about their home and family safety and security.


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