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Indoor or outdoor cameras (weatherproof cable, camera and housing)

Night vision versions, Audio, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras available.

Cables are hidden and/or passed through walls or obstacles when possible and bundled for organization and clean aesthetics. 




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Why having good quality cameras installed by a professional is a great idea…

  • Install one or two in the basement for two reasons; you can see if someone is breaking into any basement window, but how about this…if you’re on vacation and a water pipe bursts you’ll be able to see that your basement is flooding. You can then call a neighbor, family or friend to turn off your water (just make sure you leave someone a key).
  • If you have a farm or ranch, adding a few cameras can help you keep track of your livestock…not only from getting stolen (yes, it still happens), but you can see if they may be sick or acting irrationally.
  • Own a vacation home, cabin or lake cottage? Keep an eye on everything even from 3000 miles away.
  • Got a pool? Place a few cameras in the pool area to help keep track of kids. You can even get cameras with microphones and speakers so you can hear if someone is yelling for help.
  • On that note of the mic/speaker cameras…do you have elderly loved ones? Install a few cameras in their home with access to the account so you can keep track of their well-being. If they fall or injure themselves, they can talk and you will hear them over the cameras.
  • Got an in-home nanny or baby-sitter? What better way to keep an eye on your children than with the cameras installed in your home.
  • If you own a business or a church, cameras will be a major asset for you to not only watch from home or on vacation, but can aid in identifying and prosecuting anyone who broke in or vandalized your property. 
  • As mentioned, cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals and may make them think twice if they know they can be identify and prosecuted.
  • Own rental property or a rental house? A few well-placed cameras will allow you to always be able to monitor the property and tenants for any possible problems or issues.
  • Townships and cities can install the cameras on bike trails, sidewalks, nature trails, streets, alleys, etc. to monitor criminal activities and make people feel safer. As long as they have a power source available and a place for the DVR, the cameras can be installed.
  • Businesses can watch for shoplifters, internal theft and dishonest employees along with liability issues and even disprove those “phony” slip and fall accidents. 


Check out photos and video of security cameras in action ---> HERE