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Your home is your castle, your fortress of solitude...your safe place. 

Keep it protected with a variety of camera options.

Any room in the house...inside and out...we can install cameras to fit your specific needs. 


Why a Camera System for Homes?

Crime Deterrant

Vacation Monitoring

Burglaries or Home Invasions

Video aid in evidence capture and prosecution of criminals

Pool Monitoring

Pet Observation


Water Leaks

Visitor incidents and accidents

False “Slip-n-Fall” incidents

Weather or natural disaster incidents – recorded for insurance purposes.

Driveway or Gate Security


Got an in-home nanny or baby-sitter? What better way to keep an eye on your children than with the cameras installed in your home. You can watch them live or view past recorded interactions.

Install a few cameras in the basement or crawl space for two reasons; 1) You can see if someone is breaking into any basement window. 2) If you are on vacation or at work and a water pipe bursts, you’ll be able to see that your basement is flooding. You can then call a neighbor, family or friend to turn off your water.

If you have a farm or ranch, adding a few cameras can help you keep track of your livestock…not only from getting stolen (yes, it still happens), but you can see if they may be sick or acting irrationally.

Own a vacation home, cabin or lake cottage? Keep an eye on everything even from 3000 miles away.

Place a few cameras in the pool area to help keep track of kids. You can even get cameras with audio capabilities (microphone and speaker) so you can hear if someone is yelling for help.

If you have a gate at the entrance of your driveway, an audio camera is a great way to know who is trying to access your property; mailman, UPS delivery, relative or stranger.  



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