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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need cameras?

Good question, and there are a number of different reasons people want or need a good quality camera system.

Home or business safety and security is probably the number one reason. Use cameras inside and outside of your house or business to remotely monitor what is going on from anywhere around the world. From packages being dropped off by a delivery company, to a burglary or home invasion; cameras can prove to become your number one asset. Cameras inside the house can be used as a live (and recorded) nanny cam, baby monitor, or to check on elderly parents and relatives. Cameras outside can be used to monitor your pool, garage and driveway, entrances and exits, vehicles, farm livestock, evidence collection, and so on.

You need cameras for safety, security and peace of mind.


Should I just install the camera system myself?

If you know where to purchase quality products, how to install cameras and DVRs, run and conceal wires, have the time and energy, then sure. If not, you really should have a professional do the install.

Professional experts like us, will be able to obtain all of the necessary cameras, wire, mounts, fittings, etc. We have all the proper tools and equipment to get the job done correctly, quickly and efficiently. We will securely mount the cameras on the proper bases and in the best locations. We will run the correct cables that are rated for outside use, use the right length, seal all holes, conceal all wires inside and out and make everything nice and presentable.

In the long run you will save yourself time, money, energy, stress and you will get the best quality, knowledge and service by going with a professional.


Why is your system better than the wireless systems out there?

There’s no such thing as a true wireless camera system. All cameras have to be powered and have to have a power source and power cable.

Wireless systems use a radio frequency or a frequency setting. So, someone could drive by your house with a simple baby monitor, find your frequency and see what your cameras see.

We do not like wireless systems, so we do not use them. All of our camera systems are hard wired to avoid any frequency or privacy issues.


What equipment is used?

This depends on the client. We have a number of different pieces we can utilize including; WiFi cameras, Audio two-way cameras, 4, 8 & 16 channel DVRs, inside and outside cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, and so on.

A standard system utilizes a DVR, cameras and wiring. The cameras connect to a DVR that can record for 3-4 months, depending how often the cameras pick up motion.


Can I upgrade or add cameras later?

You certainly can, but tricky question. We have 4, 8 and 16 channel DVRs. Channels meaning you can have the ability to include 1 to 4 cameras on the 4 channel DVR or 1 to 8 cameras on the 8 channel DVR, and so on. For example, If you want 14 cameras, you would need either one 16 channel DVR or two 8 channel DVRs. If clients only want 4 cameras, I advise them that an 8 channel DVR may fit their needs better, so that they can add to the system later. And I find that many times, clients do add cameras after the initial installation.


How long does a typical estimate take? 

Usually about 45 minutes or less, depending on the extent of the system you are looking for and the size of your home, property or business. …and they are FREE!


How long does a typical installation take?

For a 4 camera system, usually 6 to 8 hours depending on the difficulty. An 8 camera system can take 8 to 10 hours depending on the difficulty. Inside cameras don’t take too long to set up, but it does take a few minutes to adjust them and get them all online. Usually installations are done within one day. I have had to go back for a second day if there are obstacles in the way or problems that may arise. But installs are usually done in one day within 10 hours.


How long has the camera service company been in business? What if they close their doors?

I use different Apps and companies based on the kind of cameras and system the client wants. The companies and Apps we use have excellent reliability and have been around for over 15 years.


What if I don’t have Internet, can I just hook the cameras up to a monitor or the television in my house?

Absolutely! We can connect the cameras to your DVR then to your TV. You would be able to watch the cameras in your house. However, you would not be able to monitor your cameras remotely on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.


What if I move, do I leave my camera system or take it with me?

We recommend that if you move you do not take the camera system with you. You can use the camera system as a security selling point for the house. You can easily go onto the site and hold down the button on your camera system and delete it, and then the new home owner can add it to their phone and take over the system.

Include the system in the selling of your house, and then get a new updated system for your new home. Chances are good that your new home will require different cables and locations anyway. This will give you the opportunity to upgrade your cameras for your new safety and security needs.


Is there a warranty on service and equipment?

Yes! When a job or estimate is sold, we include 2 years parts for all equipment and 6 months on all labor. If anything goes wrong we will come out and make it right.


I’m worried about people hacking in and watching me in my home. Is that possible?

The cameras cannot be hacked. You have to have an email and password in order to get into your cameras system. I want to make sure that customers understand that I do not use wireless cameras. My cameras only use cables and they are closed circuit. If someone gets your password, it is because you gave it to them or they gave it to someone else. If they have your password, then yes, they can get into your system and see what your cameras see. So be careful who you give your password to. There is a feature on the App where you can change your password, so if you ever feel like someone got your password, you can easily go in and change it. It’s also a good idea to change your password frequently to avoid any issues. 


Why having good quality cameras installed by a professional is a great idea…

  • Install one or two in the basement for two reasons; you can see if someone is breaking into any basement window, but how about this…if you’re on vacation and a water pipe bursts you’ll be able to see that your basement is flooding. You can then call a neighbor, family or friend to turn off your water (just make sure you leave someone a key).
  • If you have a farm or ranch, adding a few cameras can help you keep track of your livestock…not only from getting stolen (yes, it still happens), but you can see if they may be sick or acting irrationally.
  • Own a vacation home, cabin or lake cottage? Keep an eye on everything even from 3000 miles away.
  • Got a pool? Place a few cameras in the pool area to help keep track of kids. You can even get cameras with microphones and speakers so you can hear if someone is yelling for help.
  • On that note of the mic/speaker cameras…do you have elderly loved ones? Install a few cameras in their home with access to the account so you can keep track of their well-being. If they fall or injure themselves, they can talk and you will hear them over the cameras.
  • Got an in-home nanny or baby-sitter? What better way to keep an eye on your children than with the cameras installed in your home.
  • If you own a business or a church, cameras will be a major asset for you to not only watch from home or on vacation, but can aid in identifying and prosecuting anyone who broke in or vandalized your property. 
  • As mentioned, cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals and may make them think twice if they know they can be identify and prosecuted.
  • Own rental property or a rental house? A few well-placed cameras will allow you to always be able to monitor the property and tenants for any possible problems or issues.
  • Townships and cities can install the cameras on bike trails, sidewalks, nature trails, streets, alleys, etc. to monitor criminal activities and make people feel safer. As long as they have a power source available and a place for the DVR, the cameras can be installed. 
  • Businesses can watch for shoplifters, internal theft and dishonest employees along with liability issues and even disprove those “phony” slip and fall accidents. 



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