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Any business can benefit in many ways with the installation of a professional camera system.


What type of business could benefit from a camera system?


Retail Stores


Car Dealerships

Townships, Villages and Cities

Parks and Recreation building and properties

Storage Facilities

Boys and Girl Clubs

County Jails

Juvenile Detention Centers

Firearm Ranges

Rental Property




Why a Camera System for Businesses and Organizations?

Crime Deterrant

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

Video aid in evidence capture and prosecution of criminals


Customer and Employee incidents and accidents

Employee theft

False “Slip-n-Fall” incidents

Weather or natural disaster incidents – recorded for insurance purposes

Vandalism Prevention

Employee interactions and actions, comings and goings, etc.


Townships, villages, cities and parks can have cameras installed on bike and walking trails, sidewalks, nature trails, streets, alleys, intersections, etc. in order to help monitor criminal activities and make people feel safer. As long as they have a power source available and a place for the DVR, the cameras can be installed. 


Own rental property or a rental house? A few well-placed cameras will allow you to always be able to monitor the property and tenants for any possible problems or issues no matter where you are.


We have many varieties of cameras and systems that can be installed in small or large businesses. 


Check out photos and video of security cameras in action ---> HERE